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Custom Collagen - 2 lb. Hydrolyzed Gelatin | Beef Collagen Peptides

These beef collagen peptides are grass-fed, kosher certified and are both gluten-free and non-GMO. Great for Paleo diets and containing no sugar or carbs, this product comes in powder form that will dissolve quickly in hot or cold liquids. Will not gel.
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Article number: CC01

This grass fed, kosher certified, gluten free, non-GMO hydrolyzed collagen contains no sugar, carbs, fillers, MSG, or added ingredients; it's great for Paleo diets and many other lifestyles.

This is collagen that has gone through hydrolysis, creating an easy-to-absorb collagen product.

Quick Facts:

  • Will dissolve in any liquid, hot or cold
  • Will NOT form gel
  • Remains stable if tightly sealed and stored in normal indoor conditions

Ingredients: Premium hydrolyzed gelatin beef collagen peptides

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