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At Healthy Family Foods, our #1 commitment remains you - our valued customers. We are a family-owned business, and we work hard at providing you not only with prompt and friendly shipping service across all of Canada, but valuable resources to assist you in your journey.

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Our Journey To Health

In a world with a staggering amount of contradicting health information, we, like many others, struggled to sort truth from lie, fable from fact, and dietary fad from a sustainable lifestyle. With diabetes and obesity at an all-time high, we wanted concrete answers for our long-term health and vitality as well as that of our children. ‘Trim Healthy Mama’ resonated with us not only because of the personal results and freedom we found, but because it was a sane, sustainable, and scientifically valid way of eating. Our company was founded upon our passion to share this freedom with others, and to provide Canadians with the resources to support their journey. To learn more about this program, be sure to visit the links above!

Starting THM

Looking for a kick-start guide to start your journey? We've complied a number of resources that will give you the direction and help you need!

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